Metering Products

Cost reduction and energy conservation are realistic goals that can be achieved with the industry leading line of E-Mon D-Mon submetering products.
Designed to install easily in new or retrofit applications, E-Mon D-Mon revenue grade meters gather money-saving data for tenants and departmental allocation, analysis of energy usage patterns to identify failing equipment and inefficiencies and metering and verification of facility conservation products.
Why E-Mon?
  • Flexible metering solutions ideal for new or retrofit installations. Monitor anything from a single phase circuit to an entire building depending on your application requirements.
  • The Contractor's Choice For Metering for 25+ years. Quick and easy installation using E-Mon's patented 0-2 Volt output split-core current sensors.
  • Ideal for commercial, multi-family, industrial, educational, institutional and governmental facilities. E-Mon has a solution to meet your metering and energy initiatives.
  • Leading the metering industry with on-staff engineering, sales and technical support staff supported by an extensive network of regional managers, independent manufacturer reps, 300+ stocking distributors and 4000+ non-stocking distributors.

Software & Systems

E-Mon offers a variety of metering solutions to fit your specific application including: E-Mon Energy Software Accurate and timely snapshots of your facility's energy use are essential to support energy management initiatives. With E-Mon Energy software, you can combine all of your utility service data — including gas, electric, water and steam— into a single location to see how, when and where your facility is using energy. Plus, E-Mon Energy is the first integrated energy intelligence software that allows you to go beyond simple identification of energy use. Now you can allocate energy costs based on actual usage by department, cost center, tenants or equipment.
In addition to usage statements, E-Mon Energy also provides the graphs and charts needed to identify potential energy saving opportunities in a facility. With the ability to identify exactly when and where usage takes place, a facility manager is now able to better manage and maintain building equipment and adjust timing of energy loads to reduce overall energy usage.
Attune Energy Dashboard Service The Attune Cloud-Based Energy Dashboard Service provides you with extensive, real-time knowledge of your energy use in a user-friendly solution. Analytics are provided as widgets in a graphically intuitive, web-based interface which makes them easy to understand.

Third-Party Solutions

E-Mon strives to be your "One-Stop" submetering shop. We have a variety of third-party products available to compliment the E-Mon D-Mon line of electric submeters.
Third-party products include:
  • Gas Meters
  • Water Meters
  • Utility Electric Meters
  • Steam Meters
  • BTU Meters
  • Communication options for BAS Systems
Third party products may be available in additional sizes and configurations.
Need to interface with existing Building Management Systems?
E-Mon offers a variety of communication options to provide interoperability with several industry building automation (BAS) systems including:
  • Telephone Modem
  • Pulse Output
  • Ethernet
  • ModBus RTU & TCP/IP
  • BACnet IP & MS/TP
  • LONworks TP
In addition to metering products and communication options, E-Mon has a network of industry resources that we can use to support your metering systems. Some of these third party services include:
  • Installation Services
  • Service/Maintenance Contracts
  • Meter Reading & Billing Services
For additional information on our third party products or services please contact our inside sales staff and they will assist you in specifying the product that best fits your application.

Software & System Components

Customers who have chosen E-Mon D-Mon submeters for their metering solutions include:

E-Mon Energy System Overview
Communicates via Ethernet, RS-485 or Telephone Modem
Web-Mon Web Enabled Energy Monitoring
Read meters and view energy & carbon footprint (CO2) data real-time via any standard internet browser.
Attune Cloud-Based Energy Dashboard Service
Cloud-Based Energy Dashboard Service provides real-time and historical energy data for electric, gas, water, steam and fuel oil.

Third-Party Products & Services

The following documents may be helpful in specifying a solution for your facility.

Cold Water Meters
  • Cold Water Meter with Pulse Output
Hot Water Meters
  • Hot Water Meter with Pulse Output
Gas Meters
  • Gas Meters with Pulse Output
BTU Meters
  • BTU Meters with Pulse Output
Steam Meters
  • Steam Meters with Pulse Output
Third Party Metering Services
  • Meter Reading Services
  • Turn Key Solutions
  • Meter Reading Technology